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Advantages of Infrared panels


Save up to - 60% on heating costs.


The warmth of the sun in your home with Infrared Ireland


IR heating - first-hand information


Economical and environmentally friendly

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    IR panel for every room

    With IR heating panels, we can heat: apartment, house, suite, office, sports and other halls, churches, multi-purpose buildings, terraces, halls, workshops, factories, hotels, motorhomes, boats, caravans and weekend houses. They can be used in saunas, in healthcare, agriculture and construction.


    Installation is easy, without taking up a lot of space


    Increase the efficiency of your IR panels


    Energy-saving Thermosun paint in combination with IR-panels


    Advantages of IR panels

    Installation is easy.

    Installation is easy, without taking up a lot of space. Installation is carried out only by licensed installers, who install the IR panels aesthetically and optimally in each room individually.

    Almost invisible in the room.

    The shape, colour and surface texture, IR-panels are almost invisible in the room, Located on the ceiling they blend in and disappear away from eye level.

    The best energy efficiency.

    90% of our panels are installed and mounted on the ceiling. There is also possibilities to mount on the wall, this will result in 10% less efficiently. This type of install is completed using our Sunlife one panel with vinyl wrap to create a picture on the wall or by using a mirror.

    Long life span.

    IR-panels have no moving parts, so maintenance is not required, resulting in a long life span. Designed with surface temperature of 75 Degrees compared to other IR Panel heating to 90 Degrees which reduces the life span of the competitor IR panel.

    Save up to - 60% on heating costs.

    With Sunlife IR panels, we save up to - 60% on heating costs with maintenance, life span considered. The IR Sun WiFi regulator, we save up to -20%. The Principle of how infrared work results in the IR Panel working less therefor reduced electricity consumption compared to convector type electric heating.

    Environmentally friendly, green energy.

    Environmentally friendly, green energy: Our IR Panels are 90% recyclable and made with chemical free components. Ecological product: due to its less weight and less energy is used in manufacturing process and end of life recycling compared to conventional heating systems. No Maintenance results in no person travelling yearly to service.

    Expert advice and the right selection of products.

    Sunlife IR panels are sold by licensed IR heating specialists who provide professional advice and the correct selection of products, as well as full support during and after purchase.

    Flawless operation of your heating system.

    Sunlife IR panels ensure a comfortable stay and a pleasant feeling, and are environmentally friendly. Ensure flawless operation of your heating system and lasting satisfaction.