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Our domestic clients enjoy the incredible benefits of our Infrared Heating Panels. From the fantastic heat dispersion within rooms, to the health benefits of the negative ions, the brilliant savings, and also knowing that this product is eco-friendly – you are also helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our products are perfect for all domestic customers
Please find a sample below of some of our projects we have carried out.

Full house (Limerick)

Client: Angela McEvoy Location: Limerick City Number of Panels installed: 12 Installation date: April 2022 Project Backround This client was totally upgrading the 3 story property. locating the panel on the ceiling free up wall space. We got involved in this project at the early stage so we were able to advise the client and [...]

Castleknock, Dublin

Client: Kevin Murphy Location: Castleknock, Dublin Number of Panels installed: 4 Installation date:August 2022 Client Testimonial This client had extended the house in the past and the room was not really getting temperature up in the space. We complete survey and our own install team complete the job within the day. Installation Image Watch our [...]

Complete House installation (Suncroft, Kildare)

Client: Roland Krijnen Location: Suncroft, Kildare Number of Panels installed: 16 Installation date: May 2022 Client Testimonial In 2014 we started our Electrification journey. Starting with the Nissan Leaf. In 2016 we added solar panels and then we replaced our second car also with an electric car. In 2020 just before the lock down we [...]

Infrared Heating installation (Limerick)

Client: Annette Treacy Location: Limerick Number of Panels installed: 2 Installation date: June,2022 Client Testimonial I purchased infrared heaters from Infrared Heating Ireland for three rooms I was renovating and found them to be helpful, honest and efficient in my dealings with him. My electrician found the heaters straight forward to install and I am [...]

Sunroom Extension (Clare)

Client: Private Client Location: Ennis,Co. Clare Number of Panels installed: 1 Installation date: November 2019 Client Testimonial Client had built on sunroom just off the dining room and had installed a radiator off the central heating system. they then found the level of heat wasn't enough  to heat the space. We recommend one of our [...]

Heating upgrade from underfloor heating (Limerick)

Client:Private Client Location: Co. Limerick Number of Panels installed: 12 Installation date: July 2019 Client Testimonial This client had issues with first floor heating in there home, we visited the location and met with the client. The concern was the look of the panels in the house as the interior design to  a very high [...]

Upgrade from Oil heating (Wexford)

Client:Private Location: Wexford Town, Number of Panels installed: 9 Installation date: July 2020 Client Testimonial I purchased a new house and went on line to find a suitable heating solution for the house. I seen infrared heating Ireland were in business a long time and offer there reviews on google were good. i contact them [...]

Sunroom (Kildare)

Client: Private Location: Celbridge, Kildare Number of Panels installed: 1 Installation date: November 2019 Installation Images Client Testimonial We had a sunroom that was difficult to heat, we had a Central heating radiator in the room but it didn’t heat up the room, we went for the commercial panel as the ceiling was high and [...]

Apartment (Dublin)

Client: Betty Doyle Location: Dublin Number of Panels installed: 1 Installation date: August 2020 Client Testimonial Delighted with the panels Eamonn provided. Delivered promptly, easy to install and work. Customer service second to none and Eamonn himself is always at the end of the phone to answer any queries. Top notch. Ten out of ten. Watch our Videos

Extension to House (Kilkenny)

Client: Private Location: Kilkenny Number of Panels installed: 6 Installation date: September 2018 Installation Images Client Testimonial We had 6 Sunjoy Panels installed in our new extension in 2018 on the ceiling. From my investigation into infrared heating, it seemed to be a great option for many reasons. Most people don't notice them on the ceiling, you have heating very [...]

Apartment Installation (Dublin4)

Client:Private Location: Installation location Charlotte Quay Dock, Ringsend Road Dublin 4 Number of Panels installed: 5 Installation date: September 2016 Installation Images Client Testimonial We installed 5 Radiant panel from the Sunjoy range. We went with the Sunjoy panel because of the extra health benefits. We had just bought our first apartment and after going on line [...]

Timber Log Cabin (Kildare)

Client:Private Location: Athy, Co.Kildare Number of Panels installed: 5 Installation date: September 2018 Client Testimonial I contact Infrared Heating Ireland because I had recently purchased a log cabin for my back garden, I didn’t want to install a wall heater as I had limited space and the walls were timber and a white heater on [...]


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