Health Benefits

Advantages of IR heating & Health Benefits

1.Capital Cost compared to heat pump or Air to Air heat pump

Example in 2022 we see a 200 SM new build will cost approx. 35k to install a complete heating system. To install our IR system supply and install will cost less than 10K, this results in less capital required. We advise to spend this monies on improving the energy rating of the build and or install Solar PV panel on the property.

2.Therapeutic benefits

– Reduce stress level in the human body
– Reduce high blood pressure
– blood circulation improved
– Immune system is strengthened
– Reduces symptoms of many different allergies
– Reduces level of asthma

3.Use of IR Sun regulator controller to control the IR panel

This controller is designed by infrared heating Ireland and differs from other available on the market. As the rooms heater to 3 degrees of the set temperature the IR Sun Regulator begins then to switch on/off the IR panel to ensure the panel reduces the heat output, the logic behind this is most energy is use to get the room to 16 degrees so then after by reducing the heat from the panel results in a saving of average 20% on the running cost compared to using a standard thermostat. This IR Sun Regulator also give really daily running cost for each zone

4.Maintain optimal humidity and even and comfortable temperature

Once installation reduces dampness and creates a moisture level to ensure optimum health. Fully controlled with Thermostat will ensure the temperature is constant and uniformed in the complete room.

5.No noise produced when in operation,

No air movement so results in no dust particles in the air. Do not consume oxygen in the room, does not realise carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide or other gases.

6.No danger of fire or accidents

Panels are back insulated and can be fixed direct to ceiling. They are IP rated and suitable for Wet rooms & Bathrooms Can be installed in homes, schools, preschools, hospitals, offices, churches.

7.Quick and easy to install

Panels can be installed on walls or ceiling. The Panel connects to 220V power supply and there is not change to the electric supply to home or office. All panels required a thermostat as part of EU law ERP directive (LOT20) which came into effect from 2018.  To comply with this EU law all our panels must be purchased with controller. Everyone situation is different so if you want to install across the complete property or one room to start with its possible. Compared to other heating solutions you require accessing floors and walls to run pipework etc, compared to install of our IR system it’s a simple wire from the panel to controller and then to power supply in the room.

8.No service and maintenance required

The Infrared panels requires no servicing, maintenance, the change of any filters, spare parts, consumables.

9.Blends well to any space.

Its clean matt finish and attractive shape and colour mean it blend into any space, On special order at extra cost we can offer any RAL colour. We can also apply a vinal wrap to the IR panel, this can be chosen by us or you can give us your favour family picture or piece of art and we apply in our factory and ships special order.

10.Come with up to 15 years Warranty & 35 year Lifespan

Purchase with piece of mind knowing your IR Sunlife one panel has 15yr warranty. Part of the reason we can offer this long warranty and life span is because our IR Sunlife one panel has a max surface temperature of 75 Degrees compared to other panels reaching 90 Degrees. This low operating temperature increase the lifespan.

11.Return on investment in as little as 3.7 years

In the past our clients that used oil and gas has little interest in running cost of there heating system and electric was always perceived to be an expensive way to heat you home or business, from 2021 this changed, and now Infrared heating is more attractive, it also must be noted that there is no maintenance on the system and a up to 35 year life span.

12.90% Recyclable, environmentally friendly, green energy.

Electricity is a renewable energy compared to fossil fuses. We take an Ecological approach, We manufacture in Europe meaning there less transportation cost from factory, Our choice of material we also look at, our Power coating is chemical free, our colleagues when spraying the panel do not wear a mask. We use natural backing insulation.


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