Infrared Heating Ireland

IR-panels as a picture gallery - now also in Oljarna Kocbek!

The Kocbek family, which is synonymous with a successful oil production tradition, approached the renovation very thoughtfully. The desire was to preserve the traditional elements of the building and the area for tasting products for larger groups of visitors, to arrange the accommodation capacities and to renovate the building energetically and modernize the heating.

The pictures that decorate the panels were chosen by the Kocbeks from their own collection, everything from vintage photos taken during the time of Gorazd’s ancestors to more recent product photos. Thus, the warmth of memories is captured in photos that warm the heart and space.

“I am more than satisfied with the IR heating, it exceeded my expectations. Every guest is surprised by the information that the picture gallery is actually the main heating of this tourist facility,” says Gorazd, who is very proud of the perfectly executed project of an innovative heating method.