The Prima infrared panel is available in three models depending on your room size. The slim and lightweight infrared heat panel offers gentle and natural heat to your home or workspace. These back insulated panels can be fixed directly to any surface making them discreet and freeing up valuable wall space. Simply fix and connect to power supply for an easy self-install solution.

  • PRIMA P6

    149 Area to Heat: up to 10m2 Size: 870x720x15mm
  • PRIMA P8

    318 Area to Heat: up to 15m2 Size: 1020x720x15mm
  • PRIMA P800

    239 Area to Heat: up to 15m2 Size: 1200mm x 900mm x20mm
  • PRIMA P10

    299 Area to Heat: up to 22m2 Size: 1220x770x15mm
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