Electric heating simple with SunLife One far infrared panel, This IR Panel is an excellent way to heat any space. Customized to our customer needs our slim panels are matt white and frameless giving the modern look. When installed to wall or ceiling the panel has shadow gap giving the impress that the panel is floating. Our SunLife one panel comes with 15 year warranty, The panel heats in 60 seconds. Alongside SunLife one Panel we offer our unique IR Sun Regulator Controller which software is development for IR heating and this unique technology saves 20% on electric consumed compared to a standard controller.

  • Sunlife One 300

    295 Size: 595mm x 595mm x 20mm
  • Sunlife One 600

    390 Area to Heat: up to 10sm (For_example_purposes_only) Size: 1193mm x 593mm x 20mm
  • Sunlife One 750

    455 Area to Heat: up to 14sm (For_example_purposes_only) Size: 1193mm x 740mm x 20mm
  • Sunlife One 900

    545 Area to Heat: up to 19sm (For_example_purposes_only) Size: 1193mm x 913m x 20mm
  • Sunlife One 1050

    599 Area to Heat: up to 22sm (For_example_purposes_only) Size: 1340mm x 913mm x 20mm
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