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Key Features

  • Wired thermostat
  • Battery-powered (with low-power indicator)
  • Accurate temperature measurement
  • Day & Night model function
  • The maximum load 8amp


This wired thermostat is a simple way to control your infrared heating panel. This controller is used to measure room temperature within the room. It is not used as programmable thermostat. This controller comes with a day and night function.

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This thermostat is suitable to regulate the overwhelming majority of boilers and air conditioners. It can easily be connected to any gas boiler or air conditioning device that has a double wire connector for a room thermostat.

It cannot be programmed but as compared to simple mechanical thermostats, measuring and adjusting temperature becomes significantly more accurate with its digital display. It enables you to set an economy and a comfort temperature, to select the switching sensitivity and to switch between the heating and cooling modes.

We recommend using it in places where programmability is not required, but accurate temperature measurement, accurate temperature setting and switching sensitivity is important.

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