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IR SUN WiFi Controller


The IR Sun WiFi controller turns your IR heating system into the most accurate, responsive and comfortable way of heating, as it helps to optimize use and save energy. It enables up to 25% less electricity consumption compared to other providers.


Energy saving with maximum comfort

The Devices is a touch screen unit that has all the functions you require to control you heating system. The home screen shows information about the set room temperature, the actual temperature in the room and the average running time of the IR-Panel. You can monitor the performance of your IR heating system and monitor electric consumption of each zone. The IR Sun Regulator has an advanced algorithm that calculates and precisely adjusts the operation and heating in the room. This Technology has been developed along with our partners at

The warmth of the sun at your fingertips

Control your home’s heating from anywhere. The IR Sun WiFi controller in combination with the IR Sun application allows you to change and configure your heating system with just one click – from home, work or Holiday’s.


Monitor Electric usage


Remote heating management via a mobile application


Consumption reduced by up to 25%

Most classic thermostats have a hysteresis of +/– 0.5 °C. This means that when e.g. set the heating temperature to 22 °C, the thermostat switches off the heating only when the room temperature reaches 22.5 °C. We unnecessarily heated the room by 0.5 °C more than we wanted, and the result is a higher consumption of electricity than in this case with classic thermostats. With the IR Sun WiFi regulator there is no such fluctuation, so with this regulator consumption can be further reduced by around 25%. In the case of high ceilings, even up to 30%. 

Detects higher outside temperatures, e.g. the sun, which heats the interior space and, based on this, immediately reduces the heating power. Its also that it warns you of high consumption and improper ventilation.


What is the main advantage of advanced IR SUN regulation?


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