IR SUN Regulator


Key Features 

The IR Sun WiFi controller is the most efficient way to regulate the Prima or Sunjoy infrared heating panels. This smart technology will regulate heat output relevant to the room temperature required. In simple terms, it will increase or decrease the level of heat from the panel to maintain the set temperature within the room.

This function is unique compared to a standard thermostat that will switch on/off when required. The IR SUN controller has a resistor built in to the device to only send enough electricity to the heater and maintain the set room temperature at all times. This function will save on average 25% on energy consumed when compared to a standard on/off thermostat.

With just one touch of the screen or App Function, you will quickly and easily access advanced heating functions to check how much electricity has been used to heat your space on a daily, weekly or even on a yearly basis. We believe at infrared heating Ireland that how you regulate the infrared heating panel is the key factor to efficiency.

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  • Suitable to be used in conjunction with Solar PV Panels
  • built in regulator to control infrared panel heat level output
  • Full LCD Colour Touch screen
  • Records daily,Monthly and yearly electric running costs
  • 480 x 320 px
  • Screen Size: 100mm
  • In the event of a power failure, all settings are retained
  • Up to 5 years of data storage
  • Smart app compatible with Android and Apple devices

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