IR Sun Regulator


Key Features 

Save on electric compared to standard Hystersis Thermostat

Designed for infrared heating. Different to standard on/off Hystersis type controllers. this regulates heat output from the IR Panel by the devices internal software. It controller the output of the IR Panel depending on heat required in the room. In simple terms as the room heats the heat from the panel reduces. This smart technology developed results in a saving of average 20% compered to a standard on/off thermostat.


IR Sun WiFi controller is designed for all generations. The user interface is very transparent and simple. All information is displayed very clearly. The main screen shows basic information about the set room temperature, the actual temperature in the room and the activated heating functions. Keep track of how powerful your IR heating system is working. With just one touch on the screen, you will quickly and easily access advanced heating functions or check how much energy you have allocated to heating your space. The IR Sun WiFi heating controller is so simple that you will enjoy

Ventilate Detection

The IR Sun WiFi heating controller automatically detects room ventilation and reacts to it by turning off the heating during ventilation. As soon as it detects that you have stopped ventilating, it turns the heating back on and starts the appropriate regulation. This mode of operation saves energy. The IR Sun WiFi heating controller warns you if you are not ventilating the rooms properly.

Extend the life of your IR heating system.

We have designed a method of operation that does not cause large temperature shocks to the heating body of the IR panel, so the materials age significantly more slowly. By using the IR Sun WiFi controller, you will extend the life of your IR heating system. This reduced heating cool process of the Panel surface will extend the life span of the internal heating element.

Check how much you’ve been saving.

Create a profile to include the wattage of IR Panel in each space and what unit price of your electric will give you daily, weekly, monthly and yearly running cost of each space. Compare each space and increase your awareness of your heating costs.

It is very easy to compare the energy consumption at different set heating temperatures of the building and the consumption at different set heating schedules. Find out in a simple way what settings suit you and at the same time reduce your electricity consumption.

Colour touch screen.

The touch-sensitive colour screen with diagram of 100mm (4inch) allows you to operate the regulator very easily and for every type of user, while at the same time contributing to a more modern look of your home.

Wireless connection with IR Sun WiFi controller.

The IR Sun WiFi controller enables remote access to the heating system via a 2.4 GHz WiFi network and a smartphone. With the help of a free application on your smartphone, you can change the settings of individual regulators, selected groups and have one central hub at your figure tips.

Regulator lock

For those for whom it is important that the temperature in the space is not interfered with, the locking option feature is available so that the nimble fingers of toddlers and curious visitors will not change the settings. With this option, you don’t have to worry about electricity consumption increasing uncontrollably.

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  • X1 unit required per Zone or Room
  • Mounted to Single Gang back box minimum 45mm deep.
  • When mounting Device the screen face clips off to expose back plate which is mounted.
  • Full LCD Colour Touch screen
  • Records daily, monthly and yearly electric running costs
  • 480 x 320 px
  • Screen Size: 100mm
  • In the event of a power failure, all settings are retained
  • Smart app compatible with Android, Apple & Huawei devices

Connect to smart device

Instructions for use

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