Wifi Portable Foot Warmer


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Key Features:

The SR220 a freestanding, small portable heater specially designed for our customers who like the benefits of infrared heating with the added advantage of its ease of portability. Move this around your home or workspace providing personal heating for legs and feet. This low-energy infrared heater provides a supplementary heating solution at minimal cost. Hourly running cost as little as 3 to 4 cent per working hour (based on 15cent per KW hour).

When compared to blow heaters or fluid radiators, these convector heaters heat the air and the heat moves upwards from the heater. The Infrared SR220 uses radiant heating technology to directly radiate direct objects located in front of the infrared plate while not being too hot to touch.

The SR220 is fully compliant with European energy saving regulations (Lot 20) and features internal safety thermal cut-out sensors.  Available with a 5 year warranty, the mini desk heater is supplied with feet and comes with a fitted plug.

For your information the SR220 is designed to supplement the heat. Its design offers a gentle warmth of legs under the desk. If room heaters are required please consult with our sales team or explore our wall or ceiling infrared panels.

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  • Size: 650mm x 400mm
  • 220 watts
  • Low energy localized warmth
  • Weight: 4KG
  • Controlled with Alexa & google home
  • 5 year warranty on heater & 2 years on control.
  • Simple on/off control via foot pedal
  • 1.3m power cable
  • Designed to warm legs and feet
  • Compact electric portable heater
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