Under Counter Instant Hot Water Heater, 10 Litre, 1.5kw


Key Features

Compact wall mounted instant hot water heater is an efficient electric hot water heating. The discreet compact under counter water heater holds 10 litres of pre heated water to ensure that hot water is instantly available when you need it. Ideally suited to washrooms, caravan, motor-home, boat, kitchen, bathroom, tack room etc etc.

The desired temperature of the water can easily be adjusted and selected by turning the temperature control dial on the front of the appliance reaching 75 Degrees in 15 minutes.

Designed to be connected directly to the mains cold water supply, the instant hot water cylinders provide fast and efficient hot water with low energy consumption and simple installation. Simply connect to a mains cold water supply on the inwards feed connection and connect the hot water pipework to the outwards feed connection.



Model Compact 10
Real Volume 10 L
Rated power 1500 W
Heating time Δt 45K (15 – 60°C)**80°C 0:20 h:min
Annual consumption of electricity AEC 573 kWh
Energy class B
Height 399 mm
Width 377 mm
Depth 247 mm
Mounting Under sink
Load profile XXS
V40 15 L
Tout of the box 60 °C
MAX40 16 L
Pipe Size 15mm
Warm up time 20 minutes
Running hot water time 3 minutes
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