SUNJOY is a radiant heating panel, designed to provide you a sense of fuzzy comfort and well-being. With an emitting efficiency of more than 93%, and a wave length of around 10 nm; it matches human metabolic activity.

Easy to Install

Ceiling and walls installation. Use the bolts in the installation kit. Simply connect to a power outlet.

Heat on Demand

Turn on the thermostat and get natural sun like heat at very low costs.

Heating too costly?

Evenly heat up your place like never before, while the panels pay for themselves by the savings they bring. They work in parallel with other heating systems already in place.


Build with utmost care and craft. Can work in tandem with solar panels.

Health Benefits

Antibacterial Deodorizing Negative ions

Long life cycle

Minimum 5 year warranty. Can work in humid environments (add link) Bathrooms saunas, performance you can trust.

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