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We have equipped more than ten thousand homes, offices, apartments, blocks of flats, hotels with IR panels . What do users say about the heating experience? Find out first hand.


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homes and offices
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Roland Krijnen

Roland Krijnen

Board Member of the Irish EV Association

Locaton: Kildare

Date Completed: June 2022

Number of IR Panels:  16

Previous Heating: Oil

Yearly running cost: €1200 

Marcos Tavares


- professional cyclist -

Costs with Ekosen IR panels are 3 times lower than with a heat pump. Annual consumption is up to €280.



- professional cyclist -

Costs with Ekosen IR panels are 3 times lower than with a heat pump. Annual consumption is up to €280.



Infrared Heating Ireland came to meet us and offered a detailed quote for supply & install was prepared. They Prepared room by room and what is required and worked out the heat requirment for each space. 


We did not know any one using infrared heating to heat their home but Infrared Ireland put us in touch with a local client then were happy to proceed. We also looked at there partners in Slovenia call EKOSEN  which had great information also. The big advantage was the how simple the product is and how we can complete a full house heating upgrade in one day. We did not need to worry about servicing a gas or oil burner and we only had one utility bill. 

We live in a semi detached house and there are 3 bedrooms upstairs, there were a total of 7 Sunlfe one Panels installed and we also went for the IR tempeature controller Sun Regulator controller as we found this to be more efficient than a standard on/off type contoller. 

Video Testimonial

Why did we choose Infrared Heating ireland:

  • IR heating principle of operation, which heats the room to the exact desired temperature
  • Warranty conditions (warranty period for Premium panels 15 years and a mode of operation that does not require service or maintenance in the future)
  • Infrared Ireland participation hands on approach, from consulting, offer to final implementation and full install service provided.
  • Significantly lower investment than in other heating systems
  • The cost of heating

Mr Brian fahey. director | the holy family NURSING home | killimor galway

Mr Brian Fahey, why did you decide to heat with IR panels at The Holy Family Nursing Home ? 

“We decided on IR panels because we had problems recently completed large new extention to the nursing home and then covit 19 hit and there was shut down and then building cost increased, we had been heating the building with Gas Bulk Tank and this was very expensive. I was looking at all options including the heat pump but i would have to increased the insulation in the building and also dig out all the floors to install new insulation & pipework. We talking to infrared heating ireland and i was pleased on what I heard to procced. The support from state to finish was excellent.” 

How do employees and Residents feel in rooms heated by IR panels? 

“The feeling of being in a room heated by IR panels is extremely pleasant. We compare the heating to a gentle and natural heat. The objects in the room have the same temperature. The heat is obsorted in the surfaces and the cold feeling is gone from the room.” 

Why do you think IR-panels were the right choice for you? 

“With IR panels, we save more than 40% compared to our gas central heating system we used before. We also dont have to budget for maintenance and plummers costs. We avoid having to invest 3 times more on a traditional heating. We also plan to fit solar panels which for us we can use excess electric to run the infrared panels. We also plan to change the windows in the future which will mean the IR System will run more efficiently.”

Is there any difference between IR heating and your previous heating method? 

“The difference is incredible, the best answer to such a question is: “come and feel it!” The objects in the room are all equally warm, this gives us a feeling of natural warmth, there is no perceptible temperature difference between the floor and the ceiling, the floor is warm as with underfloor heating, there is also no smell of moisture in the room, because there is none.” 

Where did you buy the panels and are you satisfied with the seller? 

“We bought the IR panels from the company Infrared Ireland.  We were very satisfied with the seller and their support all through the project contractors. The attitude was very professional. We need a quick turn around. We also in the end we got support to set up the controllers on the wifi and give a demonstration to manager.” 

IR heating is known to be cheap enough. What are your costs? 

“Our costs have been reduced as we have been using the system for a time now. The running cost are very important but we also felt important to work with a company that could deliver on this project and Infrared Ireland company and we can confirm to date we are pleased and made the right choice. Infrared Heating Ireland are ahead of the curve in bring this innovative heating system to Ireland. I repect Eamon for his drive to suceed and his passionfor the product and industry.” 

Would you recommend Sunlife IR panels to others? 

“Of course. We are happy to show our heating method to everyone who is interested: future individuals, certainly satisfied and proud, owners, institutions, private schools… Last but not least, some members of my immediate and extended family have also decided to use this method of heating. But I recommend this type of heating to everyone who does not want to “freeze” in a cold and damp bathroom.” 


“Aleš Babič, director of Ekosen, is the engine of the company, which he has built into a very strong and successful one. I have known him for about 10 years and he remains a person who always sticks to agreements. Before he came to success, he walked a path where he believed in himself and trusted in success. 

He had to give up a lot in order for Ekosen to be where it belongs in the Slovenian market today. He found a team that helps him on his journey today. Of course, people are also appropriately rewarded for the work they do. In short, the company functions according to the latest standards of soft management. This is also the reason for the success of the company Ekosen, which sells Sunlife panels. It was a little short, but I myself would have been part of this team. I believed in the success of the company, but I was engaged in other businesses that bring me some passive income today. 

I myself was looking for a heating solution in the fall of 2016. My wife Alenko and I moved to Pohorje. We didn’t have heating yet because we were using the house as a summer residence. Where we are, we enjoy nature more and more. Even with financial resources, I was more on the thin side. I was looking for a solution, but winter was knocking on the door. 

In the most crowded place, when Aleš Babić works for more than 10 hours a day, he visited us. He took time for us. He provided professional advice and came to our aid in times of need. He showed his big heart. The person who works like this is the director of Ekosen himself, the company with Sunlife IR-panels. It is no wonder that Ekosen is a successful company under his leadership. 

We agreed to test the heating and also cover the costs when we can. Thank you Ekosen and Aleš for the favorable offer. Thank you for allowing us to test the value and advantages of Sunlife panels as users. As you know, winter in January is harsh. Even down to minus 18 in Pohorje. A whole month in ice and cold. My darling and I are nice and warm. They assembled everything on time. We reached a temperature of over 23 degrees in the wooden house, which has thin insulation. We didn’t even know it was so cold outside. Spending on our square footage is around 50 euros per month. Thermostatic activation and temperature adjustment as desired. These Sunlife panels from Ekosen are very economical and heat objects and not air. This is something completely different. Infra heat is healing for the body and penetrates the tissue up to 5 cm deep and heals. 

We passed the test and were very satisfied with the heating method we chose. Thanks again to Ekosen for this presentation in one of the coldest winters I’ve ever lived. She did very well. We passed the test with flying colors. Someone would say. There is firewood around in Pohorje. Hold on. But the cost is also the stove, pipes and radiators before you burn wood, even if they are lying around. There’s something else. You turn on the thermostat and deal with your dear, instead of wood. You enjoy life in a different way. 

I have business partners who moved from Budapest to Subotica and burned wood all winter. It was even colder there than in Pohorje, over minus 20. They said that the window in the bathroom froze inside, even though they were burning wood. They went through a very difficult experience that they will probably never forget. Life goes on and so do we, including my friends. 

Ekosen with its director is a real company that knows how to listen to even the most demanding customers. Aleš Babič is trustworthy and I highly recommend him when choosing heating. You will receive a free professional consultation with all calculations based on the thickness of the insulation. They won’t sell you panels without it. 

When they supported us, they also supported our social enterprise, which has a similar purpose in the field of nutrition and self-care. You can find us at and 

One last thing. Aleš is also the author of several books. I read one, the title is: “Why we are broke”. I highly recommend this and other books, you can always learn something new. Look at his interviews in the media, where he answers many questions professionally.”

Rob gilbert | DIRECTOR oman beverly smith
Kill | Kildare

sharon crowley | waterford



PATRICK LYNN | dublin 4

FATIH AYDIN | dublin

Now we have been heating with them for several winters and, according to our experience, we would never heat our apartment any other way. Heating costs were reduced by half. The heat is natural, just like the sun. Everything in the apartment is heated: the floor (peace of mind you can walk in socks), walls and objects. 

In each room, we can set the desired temperature, because each panel has its own thermostat, and this also saves a lot of money. I’m not even talking about the fact that you don’t have to worry about buying firewood. As for the installation of the panels, I can say that it was very professional and clean. When the masters left, we didn’t even know they were with us. And what’s more: the investment will return to us very quickly. As for the system performance demonstrations, she was very clearly professional and also very pleasant. We thank Mrs. Urška Sapač.

judy mathers | dublin

The worst thing about everything was that, despite the heating at full capacity, we did not “bring” the temperature in the apartment above 22 degrees, because everything on 100 m2 was lost through the ceiling into the environment. After we insulated the apartment and installed Sunlife IR-panels, we already felt a big financial saving in the first year, because we didn’t have to pay almost anything for heating, except for the electricity costs, which amounted to approx. 500 euros per year. This is nothing compared to 4,000 euros a year earlier. 

In the meantime, we spoiled ourselves and now every time we visit other friends, we freeze because it’s not as pleasantly warm as our place (normal, because everyone saves on heating!) and we look forward to going home, where it’s pleasantly warm .


The 120 square meters of living space in the house are heated with nine 5.7 kW panels. In one year, we used 4,210 kWh of electricity, for which we paid 570 euros. The panels worked for a good six months, heating automatically as needed. In 2014, we used 1,200 liters of Propane gas for such a period, which amounted to 1,250 euros together with the rental of the gas chamber. The cost difference is more than obvious. We have panels mounted in every room on the ceiling, which is the most ideal, so all rooms, even in the corners, are pleasantly warm, which was not the case with radiator heating.



In the coldest month of this winter, I tested the IR heating. I would burn 4 m3 of firewood at EUR 65/m3 (unsawed beech logs), which would amount to EUR 260. Of course, there is still a lot of work to be done. Cleaning the stove every morning, applying firewood, taking care of the heating during my absence… One month’s heating with IR panels cost me 156 EUR, and I also have an 80 and 5 l water heater connected at all times. I must also say that the house is not insulated. Saving over 100 euros in a month is not a small amount for a pensioner. In short, I am very satisfied. Ekosen can deserve all the praise both for the extraordinary response, the organization of the installation (these guys leave no waste and garbage behind) and the interest in the well-being of the user even afterwards. I highly recommend it.



KHAIRU KAIJ | dublin

We decided on the products and consulting of Ekosen and the Sunlife brand. We have not regretted the decision. Despite the fact that it was the equipment of the entire hotel on the 4th floor, the installation was carried out flawlessly and in a few days, the advice was professional, the heating savings are at least 70% and our cafe is now unusually warmer and more pleasant, management is very easy, and above all, the heating system is completely simple. 

Guests often ask us which heating system we have and praise its comfort. That is why we are happy to recommend the company Ekosen and the Sunlife system and will install it in some of our other facilities/hotels within the Epic Eco Hotel Group.

Catherine Bernard | YOGA WITH CAT | DUBLIN

Erwin de Zwarte | wicklow

ronan lynch | co. limerick

We are also grateful for the advice to install a slightly larger one than the square footage of the apartment would otherwise require, which undoubtedly pays off, since the house is of old construction and does not have the best insulation. I am especially grateful that he advised us to set the thermostat a little higher for a few days, because the walls, ceiling, floor, furniture need to warm up first… and it is logical that if we heated a pot of water at too low a temperature, it would never boil. The same would be true of space heating. Let me say that we installed the panels quite late in the winter and the coldest period of the winter followed. Nevertheless, it was pleasantly warm and what is particularly exciting is that this feeling cannot be compared with previous radiators, because this type of heat is completely different. It is more similar to the feeling of a clay oven. I work at home alone, I sit at the computer for hours and hours and I am grateful, because it pleasantly warms my back. The frequent pains in my shoulders and neck, due to long-term rigid sitting work, have decreased. I admit that we were a little afraid of the electricity bill, but it was at most 40 euros a month higher than before, i.e. significantly less than we had previously paid for fuel oil in a shared, two-apartment house. It is a large room and a small kitchen. I can’t remember the square footage at the moment, but the cost of heating has definitely been reduced by at least 40%. Let me add this. On the days when the outside temperature rose, we constantly watched when the heating would be turned on, we already thought that something had broken, that is, the heated objects really had a long-term effect, we lowered the level on the thermostat and, of course, we were happy to find out , that the “numbers” on the deposit slips soon decreased. We are really grateful for really professional advice (by the way, we installed them ourselves according to the instructions with a friend, without any problems. Those who do not know the basic knowledge of installation should leave it to the experts). Anyone who wants to and is not too far away from Ptuj is welcome, of course during the heating season, to see for himself. We are also happy to share our experiences over the phone or by e-mail.

Patrick & mary fanning | ennis, co. clare

We decided on IR panels because our house is not insulated and is quite humid. The panels are recommended especially in humid rooms, as they “warm” the walls and thus the humidity level in the rooms decreases. We obtained offers from various providers and finally decided on the company Ekosen. The extremely professional approach of the employees of this company, their kindness and responsiveness, were the reasons for our choice. Their consultant measured the rooms and advised us on choosing the strength of the panels and their number. In a very short time, the fitter came to us even on Sunday, since we didn’t have time during the week. Kudos to both of them for their kindness, all the explanations and exceptional professionalism. We pay an additional 120 euros per month for heating the house instead of the previous 400 euros or more. The entire investment, with only the difference in energy consumption, was

mia keogh | co. wexford

Since I had oil-fired central heating until now, I was happy about the fact that from now on I would not have to pay a chimney sweep every year to clean the chimney, likewise a burner servicer and that my house would not smell of oil the next day after pouring into the cistern. I started researching which company to order panels from. I decided on Ekosen d.o.o. I arranged for current electricity payments, according to the actual situation. It’s true that I didn’t keep track of my electricity consumption, but I can say with certainty that I paid less for electricity for all consumption combined than for heating oil in previous years.

Colm | chapelizod, dublin

Lori | midleton, co cork

peter breslin | donegal

We agreed on the purchase and installation of IR-panels in half of the business premises with the possibility of repurchase. The following year, after the actual calculation of energy consumption, we found that the heating costs were still slightly lower than the informative calculation. We decided to equip even more rooms in our company with IR panels. We also installed IR-panels for additional heating at home, where they maintain the temperature in the apartment while we are away. I recommend IR-panels and the company Ekosen doo to my friends without hesitation.

john walsh | bandon, co. cork

Annette duffy | co. louth











Opinions of satisfied users

Some users of IR heating have given their experience in video form. We published some of these statements here on the website.