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Where do we use Sunlife
IR panels?


An economical heating solution.


Use of panels

Comfortable heating of living spaces.

SUNLIFE IR heating panels can be installed anywhere: in a children's room, living room, dining room, bathroom, vacation spaces, motorhomes, living containers, in short, wherever we want to achieve a warm and pleasant living climate with little money. Due to the wide range of shapes, colors and weights, SUNLIFE IR-panels fit perfectly in any room, both on the ceiling and on the wall. With SUNLIFE IR-panels, due to their function, they prevent moisture condensation on the walls and thus prevent the formation of mold. Management is simple, maintenance is practically non-existent.

Economical heating in offices.

SUNLIFE IR heating panels are simply installed in the suspended ceiling in offices, just like in apartments. The working climate becomes significantly better, as air swirl is reduced, the air maintains normal humidity, moisture condensation is reduced, and the lack of heat becomes a thing of the past. The heating can be zoned and thus adapted to the different needs of the employees. Due to the excellent responsiveness, larger overnight temperature drops are possible and thus additional savings. You can also manage each office separately and have your costs down to the penny.

Popular heating in healthcare.

Heating with IR heat is becoming more and more popular in hospitals precisely because of its hygienic and health benefits. The heating plates do not create air currents that carry microorganisms and can also be cleaned without any problems. Another thing that counts is that they do not dry out the air, which is appreciated by patients with respiratory diseases. Infrared waves have been used for decades for specific medical and therapeutic purposes, but they do so with customized devices that are different from SUNLIFE IR-panels. In maternity wards, baby warmers and certain incubators are equipped with IR heating systems to keep newborns healthy.

Heating in saunas and for hot yoga.

IR-saunas are becoming more and more popular because they can also be visited by people who otherwise cannot tolerate high temperatures. With the help of an IR sauna, many positive effects on the body are achieved, some of which are still being discovered by science. According to current research, exposure to IR-C waves produces positive effects in cells that are different from exposure to other forms of heat. You can also make a sauna with the help of SUNLIFE IR panels. We can turn any room into a sauna if we equip it with enough power. Therefore, a smaller space of up to 3 m2 is usually taken, which we equip with approximately 300 W/m2, which in this case would be 900 W. The optimal temperature in infrared panel saunas is from 35 to 42 degrees Celsius. The cost of the sauna is only €0.12/hour.   IR-panels SUNLIFE are ideal for centers where hot yoga is practiced. We have already equipped two such centers in Slovenia. We recommend you try it out. You can find out more on the website:

They have a beneficial effect on the growth of plants and better well-being of livestock.

SUNLIFE IR-panels are increasingly popular in agriculture as well, as they have a beneficial effect on plant growth and better well-being of livestock in stables. IR-heating is very beneficial in breeding animals, because just like humans are positively affected by infrared heat, the number of diseases also decreases due to less dust circulation. In addition, energy consumption for heating the animals is also much lower.

Big savings on heating in production.

With IR-heating of production halls, great savings and excellent thermal comfort for employees can be achieved. The property of IR heating is that it creates uniform temperatures even in tall buildings and thus additional savings. In addition, it is possible to create heat zones where it is uniformly warm. In this way, we do not heat the entire room if we do not need it. IR heating is also characterized by high responsiveness, no maintenance, low consumption and is therefore a recognized method of heating in many halls around the world. As the only method, it is suitable in buildings such as shipyards, aircraft production, large warehouses.

Also used in construction - for drying.

With SUNLIFE SUN IR-panels, drying is a friendly process and is also suitable for more sensitive surfaces and objects, such as older wooden works of art, paintings, etc. The drying system with SUNLIFE panels, in addition to its ecological acceptability and smooth operation, is also characterized by speed, as it is one of the fastest drying systems: concrete surfaces are generally dry within 48 to 72 hours, and wooden surfaces within 24 to 48 hours.


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