Weee Directive

WEEE Directive, Waste Management (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) WEEE Regulations (S.I. 149 of 2014)

“Free product take back”?

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) is accepted by Sunradi Limited back on a one for one, like for like basis. All WEEE must be recycled and should not be placed in any of your household wheelie bins. Make sure you always recycle all your old electrical goods.

How do I organise free take back of my item?

Call us on 0863853000 to make arrangements are we can advise how you may return your EOL Radiant panel. We will arrange collection by courier at the customer cost.

How do I recycle my item at a local civic amenity?

Your local civic amenity will accept household WEEE free of charge. Please contact your local authority for details of your local civic amenity. Local authorities cannot charge gate fees for WEEE.

How do I find out more about the WEEE directive?

Further information on any aspect of the WEEE Directive, please visit www.weeeregister.ie

SUNRADI LIMITED producer register number: IE 02051 W

Environmental Management Costs (EMC’s) – Price of electrical items includes a contribution to recycling costs. This will be included in the ex vat price of the radiant panel.

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