Eco Friendly – Save Money


Infrared Heating Ireland are doing there part to product a Infrared panel that has the environment  in mind. We are mindful of this and work with our European factory to reduce carbon footprint from factory to customer. What else is important to us, 

  • Reduce carbon footprint, our panel require less components compared to type for electric heaters.
  • 90% Recyclable
  • Chemical free material used to manufacture
  • Our IR Sun regulator is designed to be only used with IR panels, this USB is it regulates the heat from the panel therefore improving efficiency and using less energy giving the same results.


Infrared Heating Panels are more efficient in saving money when compared to the other heating solutions. From the initial infrastructure cost, efficiency of the product, and low maintenance and with the use of our IR Sun Regulator give reduce your energy cost in to the future .

Save up to on your heating cost

Our Infrared Heating Panels are manufactured to our specification and to our customer requirements. We see in 2021 that oil and Gas have increase by 160% compared to electric increasing by 50%. This now mean this type of client using gas or gas are now been forced to look at alternative, Unfortunately the market and wants the client to install for example a heat pump but we would say lets look at the bigger picture and look at the Maintenance of a heat pump, they have a life span and have many moving parts. When you take these factors in to account the infrared panel is more cost effective compared to the Heat pump.

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