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IR-panels HOT-TOP

HOP-TOP F IR-panels is an industrial, higher-temperature IR-panels with higher power and application include industry buildings & Yoga Studios, workshops, church, over trade counters, Community halls and other larger facilities that have higher ceilings or larger room volumes.

These Long wave IR-Panels are also suitable for buildings with lower levels of  insulation and rooms that need to be heated quickly (apartment houses and buildings with high ceilings and poor insulation). They are also useful for enclosed terraces and balconies that are not exposed to weather. They can be angled on the wall or fixed to the ceiling above at optimum height of 3.0 Meters.

  • Installation of Sun F IR-panels are easy, and free up wall space. 
  • Sunlife SUN F IR panels are intended for large buildings with high ceilings.
  • Tempeature: 320 Degrees achieved in approx 15 minutes. 


IR-panel Sunlife ONE IDEAL odlikujeta elegantna oblika in vsestranska uporabnost

Osnovno je bele barve, brez okvirja in je tanek ter zato zelo diskreten. IR-panel je proizveden v Evropski uniji iz izredno kakovostnih materialov, strokovno preverjen in ustrezno certificiran proizvod. Pričakovana življenjska doba je 40+ let. Površina IR-panela je, glede na moč v primerjavi z drugimi IR-paneli, za 15 % večja, kar pomeni za cca 10 stopinj Celzija nižjo temperaturo na sami površini panela.

Posledično se  podaljša življenjska doba IR-panela, hkrati pa je nižja poraba. IR-panel je lahko proti doplačilu tudi v drugih barvah (RAL barvna lestvica). 


  • Sunlife ONE IDEAL: Garancija 15 let, z doplačilom 20 let

  • LASTNOSTI: Barva: bela / Površina: Mat / Grelni element: krom / nikelj žica


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