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IR heating is natural, health-friendly heat.

Infrared is a nature heat similar to the heat we feel from the sun. This type of heat you experience can be described as a light gentle heat. Radiate heat results in less dust particles in the air therfore imporvied air quality. 

Our INFRARED HEATING IRELAND IR system used along side our IR Sun regulation controller we significantly increase the comfort levels and at the same time reduce consumption by up to 25% compared to Hystersis thermostats. Only the best for your comfort.

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We reveal all this and more in the extensive Ekosen e-catalogue.  First-hand information, directly from an IR panel expert.


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Roland Krijnen

Roland Krijnen

Board Member of the Irish EV Association

Locaton: Kildare Date Completed: June 2022 Number of IR Panels:  16 Property size: 180 SM BER Propertt Rating: B Previous Heating: Oil Yearly running cost: €1200

Marcos Tavares


- professional cyclist -

Costs with Ekosen IR panels are 3 times lower than with a heat pump. Annual consumption is up to €280.



- professional cyclist -

Costs with Ekosen IR panels are 3 times lower than with a heat pump. Annual consumption is up to €280.

Mark TaylorMark Taylor
11:46 17 Sep 23
Found Eammon very good to deal with and install was done promptly and efficiently. Lovely feel from the IR heating. Very good service.
Nicole ChristieNicole Christie
10:11 08 Sep 23
We recently had Infrared heating panels installed and an't be happier.Eamon was always very responsive and very helpful and the install team were so efficient and did a very neat install.We are very happy to have a cozy home in the upcoming winter with no bulky radiators. The panels disappear into the ceiling with a 15 year guarantee we have great piece of mind.Would highly recommend.
Judy MathersJudy Mathers
14:25 04 Aug 23
Delighted with the new IR heating system. Just recently installed in all rooms. The heat is lovely and so warm. Company was efficient, on time, no hassle whatsoever. Eamon was great to deal with and professional. Would highly recommend Infrared Heating Ireland and the system itself. The app is brilliant aswell. Tells me exactly how much it costs day / month & year. I can heat just one room or the whole house in no time at all. In addition, I can limit the controls for each room so that no little fingers can schedule or put on without me knowing. Thanks to Eamon and the electricians working with him. Lastly, they install separate control panels in each room, which means you can control your heating system directly in the room if your WiFi is down.
Marcin WojdylaMarcin Wojdyla
12:44 01 Aug 23
We are using infrared panels for just over a year now.We are very happy with them at this point. We did about 70% of the house the first time round and then we contacted Infrared Heating Ireland for the 2nd, remaining 30% installation. Ability to control the heating remotely and also the fact that we can heat room by room is a great feature, especially on a coolish day - but a day not cold enough that you would want to heat up all the house (like we have to with oil heating). Last winter we did use oil and solid fuel on the coldest days - but that was because the electricity prices being so high at the time (but with solar PV during spring and autumn we can offset a lot of cost by heating the house during the day when sun is out), winter time with day/night meter - we try to heat up the place a bit more on the night tariff for the morning. Happy customers for sure! Panels also look very stylish - we get asked by our friends if they are some design features.Also worth adding that the installation took 1 full day the first time and half day the second time, very professional electricians. Thanks. Marcin.
Padraig BerryPadraig Berry
15:20 10 Jul 23
Simple, quick installation - ready for next winter :). Fitted in my home office. Very neat job. Did exactly what they said they would do. Tried it out - it really works. Very pleased.
Stephen RedmondStephen Redmond
20:46 25 May 23
I contacted Eamon and found him very responsive and helpful. He has a very straightforward manner, which I appreciate. We had some back-and-forth because our family room was not standard and has a raised ceiling. Between sharing photos and videos, and telephone calls, we agreed on an approach and arranged a date.Hugh, the electrician, arrived exactly on time. He had been flexible to change the date due to a bereavement in our family. He did a great job, working around very awkward access points. Very neat and 3 heaters perfectly aligned.While the weather is not too cold right now, we can already feel the significant difference from the panel heater which we had in this room.Definitely recommended.
Niamh GraceNiamh Grace
15:28 05 May 23
I would highly recommend the Infrared heaters as an economical and efficient heat source. Based on measurements provided Eamon recommend the number of heaters I required. He personally delivered them to my house. They were installed in Oct 2021 and have been great through the winter. I have a smart app thermostat so I can operate them from phone and turn the heating on when I'm on the way home. They have been very efficient and I haven't received any nasty electric bills. I have recommended these too friends and family who have purchased them also.
Mark MeliaMark Melia
13:10 04 May 23
I met with Eamon and he advised me on size of heaters according to each room. The lads came in & were very efficient and tidy. I also have pv panels so hopefully i will benefit over the coming months and years. Already I feel the difference,as rooms heat up quicker and stay warm much longer. I can regulate heat from a touch screen interface in each room & also from an app on my smartphone and set up schedules if needed. There is also an ECO & COMFORT option available. The heaters are not imposing and have a nice Matt finish. It's early days and I'm still learning about it but glad I went with INFRARED Heating Ireland.

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