+ - How does our Prima & Sunjoy panels work & what is infrared heat?

Our panels radiate infrared heat, the panel will heat the objects and surface the infrared razes come in contact with. The surfaces reflected the heat and increases the air temperature. When you entre the space you will feel a nice gentle heat within the room.

+ - Are infrared heating panels Harmful to the human body?

Radiation heat is measured in wavelength, The good news is the wavelength of our panels are between 4 and 14 um and are not harmful to the human body. Our panels have many health benefits and these can be read about at https://infraredheat.ie/health-benefits/

+ - Where is the infrared heat panel located in the room to maximise the performance.

The Panel can be fixed on the wall or the ceiling, for best performance and results helvetic.ie recommend the panel to be located on the ceiling, this will maximise the panel performance and radiate heat to every corner of the room and achieve the same temperature to every corner of the room.

+ - Is the Prima and Sunjoy panels hot to touch on the surface?

Within 60 seconds the panel will achieve maximum surface temperature of between 90 to 130 Degrees.

+ - Will the panel change its colour when it heats

The panels colour will not change its colour.

+ - Can I purchase the infrared panels in different colours?

The infrared panels from helvetic.ie are available in white. The Sunjoy panel is available in Brown (Terms and conditions apply) Th most popular ceiling colour is white.

+ - Can the Radiant panels be installed on a low ceiling?

The panels can be installed on a ceiling height of 2.1m to 2.7 M for the Prima and Sunjoy models and up to 3M for the Sunjoy SH&SR models.

+ - When is am standing under the panels what dose the heat feel like?

The radiant heat is a gentle warm heat and is similar the that you experience when you are in the Sun. The Radiant heat has many health benefits for the human body please see https://infraredheat.ie/health-benefits/

+ - Are the Sunlifeone panel expensive on electricity
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