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For complete carefree heating

We reveal all this and more in the extensive infrared heating e-catalogue.  First-hand information, directly from an IR panel expert.

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IR heating - first-hand information

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For complete carefree heating

We reveal all this and more in the extensive Ekosen e-catalogue.  First-hand information, directly from an IR panel expert.


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IR heating is natural, health-friendly heat.

The Our Mission at Infrared Heating Ireland is that the products offered by the company become part of the everyday household and raise the general level of the quality of living with our Healthy Heating solution.

Established in 2010, Our Goal is to educate our cleints on the benefits to use Heat your home or Business with IR sunlife one Panels. with Agents located across Ireland We can support our clinets in transition away from Fossil fuels.  

  • In the future , we want to expand sales from the field of IR technology to  UK Region, We work Closly with our partner EKOSEN and together expand across  European and become the most recognizable brand for IR heating in the EU.
  • We want to become a reference center for knowledge related to IR heating in the areas where the company does business, as well as cooperation in the establishment of a research center for IR technology.
  • The desire for the (near) future is also to become the largest provider of IR heating in Europe.

  • 2010

    We Founded Company -  We called the company Helvetic Heating.  We imported the first IR panels to Ireland and opened a show room in Portalaoise.   

  • 2011


    We began to sell The Bran Sunjoy IR panels , which we marketed here in ireland. 

  • 2012

    - We developed the market here is ireland to educate people about the benfits of infrared. 

    - We developed a network of resellers / consultants across ireland.  

  • 2013

    We restructure the business as the market develops in ireland. 

  • 2014

    - As the customer became more edicated about the infrared panel we seen the client had problem with frame on the IR Panel. We went to market to find a manufacture that could produce a panel without frame. We began to meet and test a numner of infrared panels. The focus for us was warranty and quality. 

    We looked to produce infrared panel in Ireland but the experience achieved in other EU countries were more advanced.

    - We tested several competitive panels and explored the entire global supply and sales market from China to America. 

    We began to work with Ekosen from Slovenia. We repected there achievements with the development of the IR Sun Regulator Controller and we began to sell this controller type in Ireland. 

  • 2015

    - We restructured the busienss so that we can offer our customers the highest level of services and products. 

    - We have further enriched the sales program so that we can offer customers a solution for every situation.  

    - We started developing new logo 

    - We Contuined to work closelywith Ekosen and development this relationship. We felt that Ekosen was the right fit for our company here in ireland. 

    - Obtained the AAA credit rating certificate of excellence  , which ranks our company among the 3.89% of the best company in Europe. 

    - We developed relationship with licensed electrical installation contractors in all parts of ireland. We trained and developed this relationship. This allowed use to offer a complete supply and installation service to our customers.

  • 2017

    - We Contuined to develop the brand in ireland  have developed and to educate and develope the busienss here in ireland.  

    - Acquired new partners in Cork, Dublin & Galway. 

    - We exceeded the limit of 5,000+ installations in Ireland. 

    - Due to market change we moved away from having a walkin showroom. The customer got more confidence from meeting a local client and viewing local installations to the cleint. The client also got value from speaking to one of our local representatives.  

    Due to expansion we moved to larger wharehouse.

  • 2018

    - We seen contuined success and sales growth of 30% . 

    We contuined to research the market as we felt the slim framless panel was important to our cusomer.


  • 2019

    - We exceeded the limit of 1,000+ facilities equipped with Our Infrared Panels. . 

  • 2020

    - We Rebranded to Infrared Heating Ireland, this gave a clear message to the Irish market.

    Agreed agreement with to promote the IR Sun Regulator and Sunlife one Infrared Panels to our customers. 


  • 2021

    - We exceeded the limit of  2,000+ buildings equipped with the Infrared Heating Ireland IR heating system. 

    - We have proven the infrared heaing system as a cost effective way to heat. 

    - We put our new IR panels Sunlife One matt  and our IR SUN Controller  on the market . Our Partner's developed a new special low-temperature IR panel for heating tables on Sunlife Table outdoor terraces.

  • 2023

    New Website Developed with more user friendly approach. 

    New fully Branded Van added to the fleet.