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Irish based company established in 2010. We offer a nationwide service with more than 15000 installations across Ireland. Our teams of electricians can call to offer a free survey and are fully trained and offer that piece of mind.

With different models available to suit your budget. Our Sunjoy panels come with negative ions and are patent technology worldwide. These properties are not available with any other panel on the market. The advantage to you, the customer, is it will purify the air quality and kill bacteria and result in a healthy environment for you and your family or work colleagues.

These slim discreet back insulated panels are suitable for any application such as Domestic, Commercial, Portable cabins, Mobile homes, Yoga and Hot Yoga studios. We also have a outdoor heaters available.

All panels from infrared heating Ireland are A-Rated and the No. 1 Infrared Heating Panel on the market today (please ask for further information if required). Our panels will use less electricity than our competitors – FACT.

Our panels are available in different sizes and will depend on your room size. Please contact us and we can offer the best panel that suits your needs at the most competitive price.

The perfect heating Solution for any home & business

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