Infrared Heating Ireland


A solution for IR heating with which we can achieve the maximum effect

Infrared Ireland IR-panels are the result of our extensive experience and knowledge. It is produced along side our partners in Slovenia called Ekosen. We choose to work along side Ekosen because of their drive and vision to be the no 1 in the in the industry. It is for the reason we wor together to educate our customers from start to finish.  

We stand apart from the competition because of high-quality and durable materials in the manufacturing process that guarantee a long service life and satisfied customers. Infrared Ireland IR-panels are suitable for the primary heat source of living or work spaces.

Ekosen SUNLIFE IR panel models

IR-panels for home and office

IR panels for industry

IR-panels for catering

IR-panels for the church


Heating with Infrared Ireland panels

We offer you extremely high-quality IR heating panels and up to 15 years of warranty. We are a leading company in the field of infrared heating in Ireland with the highest A rating achieved in Building Energy Rating achieved. We have also developed the first IR Sun WiFi regulator (IR Sun) in the world, which is adapted for IR heating, so you save extra compared to classic thermostats. Our IR Sun regulator received a silver award for development at the 51st MOS International Fair (Celj Fair).


Energy-saving Thermosun paint in combination with IR-panels

IR sun touch controller and mobile application

The warmth of the sun at your fingertips. Control your home’s heating from anywhere. The IR Sun WiFi controller in combination with the IR Sun application allows you to change the settings of the heating system with just one click – from home, work or vacation at sea.

Easy to use. All consumption data is always available to you.


where possible we can put you intouch with a local customer to call to view the system.


Experience from 15,000+homes and offices