HOT-TOP IR – Commercial

€465 - €799 (incl. VAT)


  • Mounting brackets included: Yes
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Power: 220/230 Volt
  • Surface Temperature: 300/350
  • Suitable: area to heat 80 to 200 m3
  • Weight Average: 11 KG
  • Efficiency: 97.1

Available Options:

  • 1500W = 1100mm x 201mm x 58mm
  • 1800W = 1250mm x 201mm x 58mm
  • 2400W = 1550mm x 201mm x 58mm
  • 3200W = 1950mm x 201mm x 58mm

Applications (installation height approx 2.5m to 3.5m)

  • Retail space with open high ceiling
  • Conservatories
  • Yoga & hot Yoga studio
  • Schools
  • Warehousing
  • Pubs & restaurants outdoor seating area
  • Gyms
  • Church’s
  • Community halls
  • Home terrace that are not exposed


Key Features

If you’re looking for a way to efficiently heat your terrace space or those hard to heat indoor areas then we have a solution for you. Made in EU with our Italian partner this modern design and innovation Long wave IR Infrared heater offers an efficient infrared heating suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Available in different sizes depending your requirements and also available with a dimmable option. We offer the unique Ebony colour with Anodized Aluminum Body. suitable application include Churches, Community Halls, conservatories,  Warehousing, over Trade counters and Commercial Buildings.

Designed and manufactured in Italy with to our specifications and requirements for our Irish Market, This Infrared High Heat output Panel is suitable for those building with higher ceilings. This Unit can be suspended from the ceiling or mounted to the wall at 45 Degrees with robust bracket with are included.

What will this IR Infrared heaters provide for you:

That modern Italian design heater will not emit any bright light and is perfect for indoor area or closed in outdoor spaces that need a boost of heat. For best result the panel will be installed in an area that is not exposed to any direct wind.

Is this product suitable for a Conservatory?

A cold conservatory with large panes of glass can be very cold in the winter months and are honestly unusable during these winter months. The IR Panel are slim line and are suitable for location where a high power level of heat is required. Located above and directing the heat downwards can mean you can now use these spaces that before was impossible to heat. When you use a convector type heat in these your conservatory the heat will move upwards and the cold barrier above will absorb the heat through the glass roof meaning the room will take much longer and cost much more to heat. This is when infrared high power heater is the best option for such spaces.

Enclosed areas not exposed to elements of wind

More people have created an area or terrace space at their home to enjoy outdoor living. These enjoyable evening can be cut short due to cold evenings. Our IR panel heater bring heat to your space and gives more time spent in that out door space. This IR panel does not emit any light meaning you can maintain your intimate atmosphere with loved ones. This Longwave infrared heater offers localized heat where is needed without and efficiently heats the person and not the night air. Your outdoor Barbecue area or Hottub area will never be cold again when you introduce one of these IR panel heaters. Ideal.

Heating that space protected from direct Wind

For that restaurant, bar or hotel that want to ensure there guests unwind and relax on that terrace then locating the IR panel heat above there table offering that comfort heat while they enjoy their extended time. Ensure that space which before was not possible to use in the winter months is now possible. Maintain the atmosphere because out heater do not emit and light once turned on

Community halls & Yoga Studios 

large open area are always difficult to heater but not any more when you locate our IR panel on the wall at on average 2.7 meter height and angle at 45 Degrees. This will radiate heat when you want it and will avoid you heating from the roof down to floor are first as is done with convector type heating systems. Need to get to 40 Degrees for that yoga studio than increase the number of units to achieve this. once the person is beneath the IR Panel they will feel the warm of the sun without drying the air and becoming uncomfortable.

Factory Floors 

Open spaces in factory means the cost to heat a complete area is very expensive. The Ir Panel heater from Infrared Heating Ireland can be positioned directly over where the heat is needs. If that production line when people are stood from long periods of time then this panel will radiate on to the body of the person and there heating needs during there working day. If that expensive machine or electrics within the machine can not be exposed to cold then this solution will prevent damp or condensation forming on the machine. Finally where glues are used by introducing radiate heat this will improve production.

Power IR Heaters with dimmer option. 

Regulate the heat from the IR Panel with the dimmer option. This remote gives controllability to the user to reduce the heat form the unit when the space becomes too warm. The user also can switch on/off the unit without moving from the comfort of their seat.

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